In the current context, the survival and growth of an organization are directly connected to finding the perfect combination of quality and productivity.

Quality can be described as a means of achieving results through the prevention of waste and through greater stability in the production flow.

Achieving quality, consistently, requires the adoption of systematic integrated control activities, which can compose the so-called Quality Management System.

In Brazil, the most widely used regulation for the standardization of processes is the ISO 9001, which is an international standard that establishes a quality management model for organizations in general and therefore recognized anywhere in the world.

Certified since 2005, Brutt works in maintaining and improving its Quality Management System, which is one of the ways to ensure that the needs of clients are met and that the continuity in the implementation of the internal processes is achieved, as well as a more effective management of these processes based on indicators.

Demonstrating a real commitment to quality can transform the culture of an organization, since the employees react positively to constant improvements and this reflects on the overall performance of the company.

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April 13th, 2011

QMS Records Training.
Objective: Constant training of employees who fill out records.


April 8th 2011

Brutt's Anniversary April 4th, 2011
In honor of the 30 years of BRUTT, there was a great celebration with the whole staff.

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