Aluminum alloys were the first products to be manufactured at Brutt. Since the company started until the present days, this product is part of the assembly line.

Supplying for the largest metallurgies and steel working plants in both the South and the Southeast regions, the company has developed its purchase and production processes in order to ensure excellent quality and the best prices on the market.

We have our own laboratory, equipped with an optical emission spectrometer, capable of analyzing all aluminum alloys in order to ensure their quality and traceability.

This gives us the possibility to provide the format and the composition of the alloy which best meets the needs of our customers.

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Here are the main forms and chemical compositions produced in the company:

1 kg (2.2 lb) ingot



Star shaped aluminum




Both the 1 kg (2.2 lb) ingot and the star shaped aluminum are used on steel working plants to deoxidize steel and though with different shapes, they adjust perfectly to the needs of our clients.

8 kg (17.7 lb) Aluminum Ingot - SAE


This is the most refined product offered in our aluminum line and is used in the production of aluminum injection molded parts.

We produce ingots of 8 kg (17.7 lb) in accordance to SAE standards or according to the specific needs of each of our clients.

SAE 305 / ANSI A413.0

High resistance to corrosion; excellent fusibility; used for complex foundry with fine cuts.

Chemical Composition:

Characteristics: Tabelas???

SAE 306 / ANSI A380.0

Complex machining requiring good resistance.

Chemical Composition: Tabelas???


SAE 323 / ANSI 356,0.0

Usinagem complexas que exijam boa resistência.

Composição Química:



April 13th, 2011

QMS Records Training.
Objective: Constant training of employees who fill out records.


April 8th 2011

Brutt's Anniversary April 4th, 2011
In honor of the 30 years of BRUTT, there was a great celebration with the whole staff.

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